Shana & Matt | Mountain Thunder Lodge Wedding

After photographing their engagement session for sunrise at Dream Lake, I got to know Matt as well. He was so courteous, and even helped Shana climb the side of a waterfall while barefoot when I found a spot that had nice light.

On September 17, 2016 – Shana and Matt were wed in Breckenridge at the Mountain Thunder Lodge. The afternoon was lovely and the leaves were just hitting peak in Summit County. Shortly after we arrived, we headed into the aspens for a joining of hands and a special prayer. Matt had written a prayer for his bride that he wanted to read before they were officially wed. His words were so sweet and genuine, we all were in tears listening to him.

Their intimate wedding consisted of 35 family members and friends who flew from all over the country to celebrate in the mountains with them. Shana and her family are from the South, Georgia to be exact. As someone who’s attended many weddings, I’ll never forget the feeling I had when Shana walked out of those doors looking like a Southern Princess with that sweet smile on her face to Ray Charles’ “Georgia on my Mind”. I believe that all 35 people in attendance had tears streaming down their cheeks as Shana walked down the aisle to meet her beloved.

After exchanging vows that they wrote to one another, both with a little humor and a lot of love, we headed towards the beautiful aspens once more for some portraits of the two of them. Matt and Shana are so naturally beautiful together – they made our job quite easy.

To end the evening, there were many lovely toasts, dances, and singing. Ahh, the singing. Shana lost a bet a few years back, and thought that their wedding would be the perfect time to pay up her bet debt. She karaoke’d Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back” in the middle of the dance floor. This perfectly sums up Shana and Matt to me – a couple who are so smitten and in love they show everyone what love can be, yet they aren’t afraid to let loose and belt out some 90s tunes on the dance floor.

Thank you again, for inviting me to be present for your beautiful wedding. I know that they two of you have great things ahead and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.


Photo in Breckenridge Colorodo at a Mountain Thunder Wedding.Wedding dress hanging on a tree before a Mountain Thunder wedding.Groom's tie, shoes, and vows, photographed by a Mountain Thunder wedding photographer.Groomsman helps to tie the groom's tie prior to a Breckenridge wedding.Photos by a Colorado mountain wedding photographer of a bride getting ready and a few of her accessories. Someone helps button up the bride's wedding dress on her Breckenridge wedding day.Portraits of a bride just before her Breckenridge wedding.Bride and groom read to each other without seeing one another at their Mountain Thunder Wedding.Portrait of the groom on his Mountain Thunder Lodge wedding day.Bride is walked down the aisle by both her fathers at her Breckenridge mountain wedding.Bride and groom stand together at the altar at their Mountain Thunder Lodge wedding.Bride looks up her at her groom during their wedding ceremony at Mountain Thunder Lodge. Bride reads her vows during her Mountain Thunder wedding ceremony.Photo of groom looking at this bride during their Mountain Thunder Lodge wedding ceremony.Bride and groom look triumphant at the conclusion of their Breckenridge wedding ceremony.Bride and groom hold one another during portraits with a Breckenridge wedding photographer.Couple hold hands while posing for a Breckenridge wedding photographer.Couple embraces during portraits at their Mountain Thunder lodge wedding.Photo of couple holding hands and walking by a Colorado mountain wedding photographerFall wedding portraits at a Mountain Thunder wedding.During portraits at their Breckenridge wedding, the wedding couple walk together hand in hand.Couple kiss during the portraits with their Breckenridge wedding photographer.Bride holds her groom close at their Mountain Thunder Lodge wedding.Bride and groom embrace during photos of them at their Colorado mountain wedding.Groom holds his bride from behind during sunset portraits with a Mountain Thunder Lodge wedding photographer.Bride cries during an emotional toast at her Mountain Thunder Lodge wedding reception.The bride and groom cut their cake at their Breckenridge Colorado wedding reception.The wedding couple share their first dance at their Breckenridge wedding reception.Groom laughs during his first dance with his bride at a Mountain Thunder Lodge wedding.Father daughter dance at a Mountain Thunder Lodge wedding.Father daughter dance at a Mountain Thunder Lodge wedding.mother son dance at a Mountain Thunder Lodge wedding.Photo of wedding rings by a Breckenridge wedding photographer.Bride laughs while dancing at her Breckenridge wedding reception.Bride dances with her guests at her Mountain Thunder Lodge wedding reception.


Venue: Mountain Thunder Lodge

Florist: Woodland Breckenridge

DJ: Hampton Entertainment

Cake: Whole Foods

Officiant: Adam Wilson

Hair & Makeup: Sandy Bridgewater, Majestic Mountain Beauty

Wedding Dress: Little White Dress Bridal Shop by Robert Bullock


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