I can say “bring me all your pastries” in seven different languages!

I’ve ‘bagged’ eleven 14ers (two twice) and counting. It gives me permission to eat said pastries.

I once piled in the back of a truck in Mexico with 24 other people to take part in McMinnville’s notorious UFO parade. True Story.

I believe thrifting for vintage swag is never a waste of time.

I believe life is too short not to be silly.

There’s something to be said for curling up with a warm cup of tea & a book.

I refer to Taylor Swift as T Swizzle & fist pump dance to her songs in the living room with my twin baby girls.

I’ve seen the entire Gilmore girls & Buffy the Vampire Slayer series through more times than I care to admit. ….. Seven. The number is seven.

When I karaoke, I sing Mariah Carey’s “Always be my baby” Every. Time. (to the end of time)

I once lived in a tent in a state park in Oregon right after college for about a month.

I believe that words can’t touch the tip of the iceberg that is the complexity of being human. If you want to know me, let me show you.